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Lyttelton Harbour Dry Dock

Lyttelton Harbour Dry Dock
  • Site

    Lyttelton Harbour Dry Dock

  • Location

    Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Electrical Engineer

    Pedersen Read

  • Lighting Company

    Energy Light

  • Lighting Manufacturer


  • Electrical Installers

    Aotea Electric/ Connectics

  • Lighting Controls

    Holders Technology New Zealand

Dry docks require good lighting for enhanced visibility and safety during ship maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Thoughtful lighting design and advanced control systems are key to enhancing user experience while contributing to sustainable practices, as this Holders project amply demonstrates. 

The Lyttelton Harbour Dry Dock, a heritage site dating back to 1883, required a modern lighting overhaul. Despite various upgrades, the exterior lighting system remained outdated, affecting visibility, safety, and the architectural aesthetics of this historic facility. The Lyttelton Port Company had unique requirements, including considerations for marine life, the industrial environment, and the preservation of the natural dark sky.  

A new lighting design

This new lighting design concept developed by Pedersen Read, supported by Energy Light, focused on upgrading all existing exterior lighting with ewo R System GEN 3 R2 & R4 floodlight projectors. The choice of 3000K correlated color temperature aimed to enhance visibility, minimize atmospheric scatter, and contribute to the preservation of the natural dark sky within the heritage site. 

Casambi control system implementation 

Holders Technology New Zealand spearheaded the implementation of a Casambi Bluetooth Low Energy-based mesh control system for all exterior lighting. The Casambi nodes, strategically placed atop each pole, ensured minimal wireless communication interference from surrounding steel-hulled ships. The wireless control system, connected via a NEMA socket, provided flexibility, reduced cabling, and facilitated individual addressing and dimming of each fitting. 

Feedback from the community 

The lighting upgrade exceeded expectations, providing a uniform, consistent, and focused environment. Feedback from both dock users and the local community has confirmed the positive influence on both safety and aesthetics. Casambi’s wireless control seamlessly integrated with traditional switches and tablet control, enhancing user accessibility and flexibility. It also contributed to sustainability by allowing for future changes with ease without the need for any additional cabling. 

This project has received an award of commendation from the IES and a Highly Commended award from the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (RASNZ). The latter recognized the commitment to sustainability and responsible lighting practices.

Lyttelton Harbour Dry DockLyttelton Harbour Dry Dock
Lyttelton Harbour Dry DockLyttelton Harbour Dry Dock
Lyttelton Harbour Dry DockLyttelton Harbour Dry Dock
Lyttelton Harbour Dry Dock